lunes, 24 de diciembre de 2012

Examine Your Financial Issues

Once you have a handle on what resources will be available to you in retirement, think through what financial needs you might have. Realize that the longer you work, the more money you can accumulate and the less money you will need. Your key financial issues include:
• Your needs at the time of retirement.
• The impact of retirement timing on Social Security benefits for you and your spouse.
• Your willingness to keep some money in the stock market.
• The cost of health insurance to supplement Medicare.
• Future inflation that will make everything cost more over time, especially medical care.
• For couples, the needs of the survivor after one partner dies.
• Potential expenses if one or both spouses need special care or become frail.
• Potential requests for help from parents, children and other family members.
• The need for a financial cushion to absorb unexpected costs, such as rising property taxes.
• Your retirement dreams, including special travel wishes and the desire to add a seasonal or vacation home.

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