domingo, 23 de diciembre de 2012

Evaluate Your Assets and Retirement Resources

As you plan for your retirement, try to take all of your potential retirement resources into
account. These could include:
• Your Social Security benefits, as well as those of your spouse.
• Your Medicare benefits, as well as those of your spouse.
• Personal savings through a 401(k), Individual Retirement Account (IRA), or similar plan.
• Your pension benefits as well as those of your spouse and other family members.
• Income that could come from part-time work or starting a new business from home.
• Money from selling your home and moving to a smaller one or to a less expensive area.
• Taking out a reverse mortgage on your home.
• Money saved by cutting down on your expenses.
• Any continued medical benefits available through your or your spouse’s employer.
• Income from selling certain personal property that you will no longer need in retirement, such as second homes, extra family cars, jewelry, clothing, tools used for work, etc.
• Any long-term care insurance that you currently own.
• Life insurance policies that could be converted to cash or monthly income, or used to provide cash for your survivor.

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